17 Ordinary Things I’ve Never Done…

17 Ordinary Things I’ve Never Done…

17 Ordinary Things I've Never Done

This post is just for fun.  It’s meant be lighthearted … not serious.  I’m fully aware that many of these things would not be considered ordinary for a lot of people… but I tried to cover a broad range of activities 🙂

 1.  Had surgery.

Other than having babies, I’ve never been hospitalized at all.  I started to add that I haven’t ever had a broken bone, but it seems like I cracked a finger at a sleepover when I was a teen.  I don’t think it had to have a cast or anything… maybe a splint?  It obviously wasn’t too bad – my memory is very fuzzy!

2.  Been to New York City.

Or any of the New England states actually…  I’ve visited 38 states (I think) and it’s on my bucket list to visit them all.   When I was younger, I really really wanted to go to New York City.  These days, it’s farther down on my wish list, but still, it would be cool to go.

3.  Failed a class.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever even gotten a “C” that I can remember… elementary through college. Yeah, I’m a nerd!  And I loved school and was seriously competitive about getting good grades!

4.  Gotten a tattoo.

I have seen some really pretty, really meaningful tattoos and I don’t have a problem with someone else having a tattoo… but needles?  Never in a million years voluntarily.

5.  Smoked anything.

That’s right… I’ve never smoked a cigarette or cigar or…. anything.  I’ve actually never had any desire to smoke – even when the cool kids were doing it 😉

6.  Read Harry Potter Books or watched the movies.

Aside from the witchcraft element, which I have moral objections to, I just don’t enjoy about 90% of the sci-fi/fantasy books and movies out there.  I also haven’t watched/read the Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of the Rings… just not my thing!

7.  Been drunk (or drank a beer).

Yuck.  The smell alone is enough to keep me from trying a beer and well, I’ve seen alcoholism up close and personal in my extended family enough to keep me from ever drinking enough to get drunk.  I occasionally enjoy a wine cooler or a single fruity frozen “girly” drink, but that’s the extent of my drinking.

8.  Left the USA.

Well… I might be fudging it a little here.  We were at a port in Mexico on our cruise… but it really didn’t feel like being out of the country 😉 .  It was a highly touristy place and well… not all that impressive.

9.  Watched “classic” movies. 

I can’t say I’ve never seen any classic movie, but very, very few.  I’ve never seen Casablanca, Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, The Godfather movies, John Wayne movies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, …. I could go on all day.  I actually can’t name a classic movie that I have watched.

10.  Ran a 5K.

I’ve tried several times but ultimately I’ve ended up walking part or all of every single race.  I should note… I hate running or even jogging.  So I don’t foresee me trying this again.

11.  Been able to whistle.

This is actually a running joke between my hubby and I because this topic somehow that came up when we first met and he said he’d teach me … it was like his “pickup line”… and 20+ years later, I’m still waiting 😉

12.  Bought a lottery ticket.  

I’ve been tempted, but I guess I’m too cheap when the odds are so insane!

13.  Read (most) classic novels.

This is right in line with the classic movies, I guess.  War and Peace, Moby Dick or The Catcher in The Rye (and probably many, many more classics!)  Of course, I’ve read some that were required in high school and college, but other than the Bronte sisters’ books, I couldn’t name a single one or remember any of the story lines.  And the funny thing is, I love to read!  Just not old stuff.. haha!

14.  Cooked a Thanksgiving turkey (what??!?!?!?!).

When this occurred to me, I asked my husband for verification, but yeah… I’ve never personally cooked one.  Growing up, my MawMaw always did it.  Then my Mama & Daddy started doing Turkey Breasts and I’d do a ham.  But I’m 99% sure I’ve never personally cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving.

15.  Never been to Disneyland (or Disneyworld).  

Several years ago we had a chance to go with Richy’s family, but the timing was really bad (we had a newborn and he had just started a new job), so we turned down the chance and well… it’s honestly not something I have any desire to do unless we win a trip or something… ha!

16.  Eaten a Big Mac.

What can I say?  That orangey Thousand-Island-ish sauce …. ewwww!  Burgers deserve mayo, ketchup and even mustard… but Thousand Island?  No.

17.  Worn make-up on a regular basis.  

I might wear make-up once or twice a month… rarely more than that.  Never have liked it much… even as a teenager!

I would love to hear… tell me the ordinary things YOU have never done?  Or what have you done that’s on my list?

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  1. Hi Rose! In answer to your list…

    1. Had surgery. — 31 times…, don’t ask. I have to keep them all on my PC, can hardly remember what I had done, much less when, and that is an issue when trying to fill out a form in any doctor’s office, and they give you 3 lines to list your surgeries…! lol

    2. Been to New York City. — Yes, went through when heading north…, not my favorite thing to do, I was doing the driving…

    3. Failed a class. — Yes, but the entire class failed, so the instructor decided it was him & not us, and passed us all with a ‘C’, otherwise I was a straight A student in the nursing course, not so in grades 1-12 though, for I knew we could not afford for me to go to college. Did all that after I was married. lol This was the first class in ‘nursing’ offered by this particular college, so they were new to it too. Though I did learn to make aspirin! lol

    4. Gotten a tattoo. X

    5. Smoked anything. Smoked from age 8, father & uncle thought it was funny to teach me that, they had me inhaling King Edward cigars, until I quit 9 years ago. Praying that it was in time!

    6. Read Harry Potter Books or watched the movies. X

    7. Been drunk (or drank a beer). — Drank a beer once by holding my nose, but I could still taste it! UGH Can handle mild mixed drinks, if they taste good, but they make my ears hot.

    8. Left the USA. — Been to the Bahamas’ 2 times, and to Norway & Sweden. My mom was pure Norwegian. Also went to Canada, Nova Scotia, & Prince Edward Island.

    9. Watched “classic” movies. — All the time, love them. Watched all the ones you mentioned. Don’t make movies like that anymore. I adore musicals!! Too much blood & guts, death & dying, today!

    10. Ran a 5K. X, have a bum knee…, hurts as much after surgery, as before.

    11. Been able to whistle. — Can do, not very good, but I am loud!

    12. Bought a lottery ticket. — All the time, no sizable return yet.

    13. Read (most) classic novels. — Read all the ones you mentioned, and all that I could get my hands on, some of them several times, like ‘God is an Englishman’, read that several times over the past 50 years, if it is not a classic, it should be! lol Read about 5 books a week up until I started into ‘caking’. The Librarian probably thinks that I died!

    14. Cooked a Thanksgiving turkey (what??!?!?!?!). — Been there, done that. Try one in a homemade solar cooker, in a plastic bag, no holes in the bag this time, in a closed container if not enclosed with glass already, takes all day, but so worth it. Can’t overcook, stays moist all over, baste with butter, oil, or just plain water first to facilitate browning. Animals won’t mess with it because it is HOT! You WILL need a sunny day of course…

    15. Never been to Disneyland (or Disneyworld). — Got that covered also. Took my son, and my sister’s kids several times when they were young. Took adult visitors from Norway a few years back, got on one of the rides that I liked, but Uni said that I had ‘kilt her’! lol

    16. Eaten a Big Mac. — Way back in the past, I know better now! lol

    17. Worn make-up on a regular basis. — Put on lipstick for Easter & Christmas. No other make-up.

    I have pierced ears, but put in earrings so seldom that they are always closed up on me. I even had to have them reopened Las year.

  2. I laughed when I read this. I have done everything with the exception of I never have smoked or been drunk (yuck on both of these) or got a tattoo.
    Runnung a 5K never had time for it and feel too old now for it.

    I really enjoy your articles and recipes. Keep up the good work.

  3. I think I will list the things on your list that I also haven’t done.
    – Been to New York City or in my case hardly anywhere east of Colorado (I am a West Coast girl). NYC is on my bucket list, but not my husband’s so I will have to find someone else to go with.
    – Gotten a tattoo – I hate needles also so this is not an option.
    – Smoked anything – I hate the smell and never have had the desire.
    – Been drunk (or drank a beer) – I hate the taste of beer. if I have a chance I like a Mai Tai or something similar and even then I don’t want the whole drink.
    – Ran a 5K – I have walked a couple of them, but I hate to run/jog. I would rather go to a Zumba type class.
    – Read (most) classic novels – Other than what was required in high school or college I have skipped them. I have enough books on my list that I want to read.
    – Worn make-up on a regular basis – I was feeling like the only one until I read your list.

  4. Aw, it was fun reading this… let’s see… aside from birth (1 normal, 2 c sections) I have not had surgery. And my only broken bone was my big toe when I was like 4.

    I have never been to New York. I was going to say I have never failed a class but I think that would be a lie. My first go round with college straight out of high school did not go over well.

    I have 7 tattoos. I smoked cigarettes from age 17 until almost 4 years ago. I have never smoked anything else.

    Never read Harry Potter. Only saw one of the movies because of work and I can’t even tell you which one it was!

    I have been drunk in the past. I have drank beer and will drink a beer on a very rare occasion.

    I have never left the USA. I have watched bit and pieces of Breakfast at Tiffany’s because it used to play at my ob’s office. Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite movies and I have seen Wizard of Oz too many times.

    I have never ran a 5k and doubt I ever will. I despise running. I can whistle although not very well and I am almost certain.

    I bought a lottery ticket… I think. If I did, itbwould have been shortly after turning 18.

    I just read a classic book a couple of years ago… Anna Karenina. It took forever.

    I have never cooked a Thanksgiving turkey, but I have made a Christmas ham.

    I went to Disneyland when I was 12, I am fairly certain I have never eaten a Big Mac. I am really picky and would rather eat a plain burger than all the stuff they put on a Big Mac.

    I wore makeup regularly from age 14 until… the last year or two. I don’t have the time and frankly, don’t really care anymore. Take me or leave me! 🙂

  5. Haha i love these! Most of them im quite similar on, but i do like a drink and i have got a tattoo haha ane I am the same. I was a nerd but i did get a D in my AS level Chemistry haha.

    Oh and I’ve never seen Star Wars! I know.. Shock horror!

    1. The *only* reason I’ve ever seen Star Wars is husband is 110% completely obsessed. He has seen them all in theaters and at home many, many, MANY countless times! haha!

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