Be a “Yes” Mommy this Christmas!

Would you do me a favor?  Be a “Yes” Mommy this Christmas!

Be a Yes Mommy

A few days ago I shared this on Facebook and it’s stayed on my  mind since then.  I’m expanding on the thoughts a little for this post but overall… the sentiment is the same!

I want to be a “yes” mommy. Learning to say “yes” more than “no”.  Enjoying the moments, the messes, the laughter.

Today Asher and I were home alone. I had a “work” recipe to do (these Peanut Butter Snowballs).  He asked if he could help.   My knee-jerk reaction was “no” but before I said it, I thought about it….

There was no reason to say “no” other than it would slow me down a little. My deadline is not for a few days, so I had time to work slow. And I’m so glad I did. We had the best time.

Asher Rolling Peanut Butter Balls

He scooped, he rolled, he dipped… he made a big mess but the smile almost never left his silly face. I wouldn’t trade that hour of mess for anything else I could’ve been doing or any time “saved”.

I hope you’ll all enjoy your Christmas break with your kiddos.  So many times I hear parents saying that they can’t wait for their kids to get back to school.   And I understand the sentiment… I do.  As a homeschooling Mommy, I’m with my kids 24/7, so a needed break is always a good thing.  There’s no judgement here.

But investing time – quality time – with your kids is also a very good thing.  It’s the thing they crave the most (check out this eye-opening video).

Making Peanut Butter Snowballs with Kids

Really relish the time with your kids this Christmas season… saying yes every chance you get!   They grow up so very fast!

Merry Christmas!

Yes Mommy

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  1. Yes-do it now while their young, every chance you get, because before you know it-they’ve grown up and dont want to or dont have the time to do the little things with you!

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